Sunday, April 16, 2006

School's Out For Summer!

It is safe to say I'm a little excited right now. I wrapped up class last week and am very much excited about my 2 months off! I won't actually have school off for the summer, I just stole that line from the Alice Cooper song, but 2 months is nearly a summer's worth.

This past semester I took a course in Marketing Management. It was a very interesting course. Marketing is a lot more than advertising. I was amazed to learn how it impacts nearly every part of the company from product R&D to putting it on the shelf.

I know I haven't been in the MBA program very long, but so far every class I've taken has been fascinating. It wasn't that way in my undergrad. Right now I'm taking my core classes (aka MBA Gen Eds), but unlike undergrad Gen Eds, these actually apply to my field of study. I can see why a MBA is recommended for so many professions, it really changes the way you look at business. If you have ever considered going back to school to learn more about business, this is the way to go!

My girlfriend comes on Wednesday for a 2.5 weeks, the timing couldn't be better. Now that I don't have class, I have all the time I want to hang out with her while she is in town. It will be a nice change from the once every several weeks thing.

We have a number of adventures planned, so I'm sure I'll have some adventures to report on as the weeks progress!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

David In NYC: April Edition

In this month's edition of David's New York adventures, you will learn about all the fascinating things I saw and did while in New York City this past weekend! Prepare to get your David in NYC fix! I joke about this, only because I'm sure you are all sick about hearing "New York this" and "NYC that." Well too bad, this is my life. (for the sarcasm impaired this stern tone is in itself a joke)

This past Saturday my girlfriend and I went to Roosevelt Island, a small island just east of Manhattan. To get there, a tram is available to take you over the river. It is a very scenic view of Manhattan, the island, and the water for the 4 minute ride. While we were there we followed a walking tour I printed off from the internet so we were able to get a good feel for the island and its history.

The Island was at one time home to an insane asylum and a small pox hospital, it was basically where New Yorkers put all the people they didn't want to deal with (could that be why they got me to go there?). Much of the island is run down, and there are a few ruins on the island they have left to maintain its history. This medical research laboratory from the 1850's is one of them.

Roosevelt Island also home to some strange art, such as these sculptures along the water line. This is one in a series of three that has something to do with the "marriage of money and real estate." Don't ask me what that means, I have no clue, but they are interesting none the less.

The last thing I would like to point out about the island is this church. The "Chapel of the Good Shepherd" is one of the oldest churches in NYC, built in 1889, and when it was first built it was considered such revolutionary design that in the first year after it was built people came from Europe and Australia to see it.

Sunday we went to Bear Mountain to do some hiking. We ventured off the beaten trail for a little while to do a little climbing around on the rocks. Even though there was a lost a pair of sunglasses, a few bruises and a cut to the leg, we were ready for more action. Next time we will have to hit up a larger, more deadly hiking trail. Mt. Kilimanjaro anyone?

I won't be heading back to NYC until at least June now. My next flight however will be to CA. My girlfriend is doing training in San Francisco and we will be spending memorial day weekend out there with my sister. So keep posted for more travel updates!

Death of a Camera

You may recall my dear friend, compatriot, and long time companion, my Canon A70 digital camera. Well, as with all good friends, it too at one point must pass away. That point is now. Yes, the camera that documented all the adventures you have read about here is no more. A moment of silence please........... Thank you.

I never knew I'd miss my camera so much. It has made me realize how much I love pictures. There is really no better way of recording life history. As strange as it seems, the thought of me missing a quality life moment was a bit traumatic.

So what does a guy do with a memory card he dumped $60 into, batteries and a charger he dumped $30, and a camera case he put another $15 into? Buy the same camera again of course! Aside from the accessories I already have, I figure if I'm going to beat the next camera to a pulp as well, I might as well buy it cheap. A 2.5 year old used camera is certainly that! Plus I've always been happy with the picture quality. Who needs 7 megapixels anyway right? 3.2 has served me well. At least so far I don't know any better and that is what I'm telling myself.