Friday, January 11, 2008

Hernias Suck

I’m not usually one to rant but let’s be honest, hernias suck. There are few indisputable truths in this universe, but that is most certainly one of them and I’d like to have a word with anyone who says otherwise. I had surgery to have mine repaired, and I must say, hernia repair surgery sucks too. Yet even worse than surgery is having the doc reopen and clean out part of the incision of infection a week later using long toothpick like sticks, without painkillers. I knew I was in for a treat when he said, "I need to see how deep it goes." I now know pain beyond anything I have ever experienced in my life up to this point.

Every once in a while you need a reminder of how good life is. To put things in perspective. That certainly did it for me. I now know what “put a bullet in my head now or I will” pain feels like, and will never be able to accidentally slice open my leg or hand again with a kitchen knife and be able to complain about it as much.

Anyone out there with good pain stories? What is the worst you’ve had? I know by most standards my experience today was probably pretty weak. Show me what you got!