Sunday, March 27, 2005


Well, happy Easter everyone. I hope you have had your fill of those marshmellow chicks and boiled eggs. Mmmm... doesn't that sound great?

I must say though, Easter has to be one of my favorite holidays, even better than Thanksgiving. No gifts, no expectations, you still see the family, you eat good food, you can go outside without the fear of losing your face to frostbite... what could be better?

It was a little wierd going to the Easter dinner without my ex-girlfriend. I know we were only going out for 4 months, but having to go through the whole "yeah, we aren't together anymore because " bit isn't the most fun. I guess people ask because they care, so I suppose in a way that is better than not asking at all.

I'm sure by now you have seen Napoleon Dynamite, it is all the rage with the kids these days. As such, I figured the little dance number he does at the end of the movie would be perfect for the the Youth Group talent show on April 20th. I started rehersing today. There is nothing to make you feel like an idiot more than jumping around in your living room all by yourself for 2 hours. I have been wanting to do some kind of a dance for this show the past 2 years, but no one has wanted to do anything with me. This being a one person dance should work perfectly. I think I'm going to have that song echoing through my head now until the end of April, "Dance! Nothing else for me to do! Dance!"

I finished rough drafts of all my essays for my U of M application yesterday, and have been working on my resume for the app today. It won't be long now! I can smell the thick stench of No. 2 pencil lead and musty libraries in the air already!

Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Rough Week

Talk about getting pulled in a few different directions at once...

1) I'm STILL working on my application for the Carlson School of Business, I suppose I should be writing that rather than here. Ah well, what do you do?

2) My mortgage company seems to ignore the fact I payed them this month, they are currently "investigating" my claims that I paid. There is nothing I hate more than being treating like a liar.

3) I had one of my side projects go live today (, it isn't much, but it took a long time. I really need some artistic training. Anyone out there interested in giving free lessons?

4) My girlfriend and I broke up this past Saturday, I don't think I need to say that is stressful. I know it was the right move, but of course it is never easy.

5) John Z. DeLorean is dead. Strangely enough, he died this past Saturday as well. Any hopes of a DeLorean 2 ever being made are out the window. I suppose this means when I finally buy my DMC-12 it will hold its value a little more...

Enough ranting. I'm still doing the youth group bit every week. It is going very well, I'd say my closest friends I've made since moving to the cities are the other youth leaders. I just wish I had time to spend with them once in a while. Oh yeah, and the time with the youth group kids is good too. I'm going to miss it come next year when I'm going to school.

Thursday, March 03, 2005

Post #1

There are billions of blogs out there, so why does the world need another one? It doesn't. I do. This blog isn't so much for the world as it is for me. Still, I intend this to be a venue where my friends and others can see what is happening in my life. I'll do my best to keep it interesting.

This being my first post I feel like I should lay down some expectations:
1) I won't post daily. Heck, I may not even post weekly. But I will post.
2) If you find something interesting, enraging, or stupid, respond and tell me.
3) You will never read about cabbage here. Ah crap, I just mentioned it, scratch that one.
4) I might say something offensive about you, your mother, or your dog. Don't take it personally.
5) I have no more expectations.

So, on with the first post...
As most of you know, I'm planning to go to grad school this fall. I've been working on my application and I've realized something. Writing is a physically painful process. I can write code all day, and while my brain hurts after hours of doing it, I can still function. After writing essays for 6 hours last night I seriously thought my life was going to end.
Anyway, I'm writing all the recommendation letters for the people I asked to write me recommendation letters. In effect I'm recommending myself. How backwards is that? I feel like I'm standing in front of a mirror saying "I'm smart, handsome, and gosh darn it, people like me!" It all feels so fake. Then again all of academia is fake. Remind me again why I am applying for grad school?

This has been more than an ambitious first post after having done all this application writing. I'll see all you kiddos later.