Sunday, April 16, 2006

School's Out For Summer!

It is safe to say I'm a little excited right now. I wrapped up class last week and am very much excited about my 2 months off! I won't actually have school off for the summer, I just stole that line from the Alice Cooper song, but 2 months is nearly a summer's worth.

This past semester I took a course in Marketing Management. It was a very interesting course. Marketing is a lot more than advertising. I was amazed to learn how it impacts nearly every part of the company from product R&D to putting it on the shelf.

I know I haven't been in the MBA program very long, but so far every class I've taken has been fascinating. It wasn't that way in my undergrad. Right now I'm taking my core classes (aka MBA Gen Eds), but unlike undergrad Gen Eds, these actually apply to my field of study. I can see why a MBA is recommended for so many professions, it really changes the way you look at business. If you have ever considered going back to school to learn more about business, this is the way to go!

My girlfriend comes on Wednesday for a 2.5 weeks, the timing couldn't be better. Now that I don't have class, I have all the time I want to hang out with her while she is in town. It will be a nice change from the once every several weeks thing.

We have a number of adventures planned, so I'm sure I'll have some adventures to report on as the weeks progress!


Blogger -Lisa- said...

Nice... i hope to see Heather while she is in town! It would be fun to get to know her more!

4/17/2006 8:35 PM  
Blogger Erin Bennett said...

I love that song. I am usually channelling Alice Cooper around the first week in June. How nice that it came a little earlier for you! :)

4/19/2006 9:14 PM  
Anonymous zapcrafter said...

MySpacers have more fun.

(Check out the sweet pic I posted at Isaac "Zaphod"'s page.)

4/22/2006 6:41 PM  
Blogger david said...

Lisa-you will certainly see her while she is in town!

Erin-I'm making the most of my break while it is here, don't worry!

Zap-MySpace is over rated. I don't need a shower of media, just a simple place I can update one in a blue moon.

4/25/2006 10:13 PM  
Anonymous zapcrafter said...

I wasn't expecting you to quit using Blogger, just to make a MySpace profile so you can have Mary Thornburg randomly look you up and say that she lives in New York now and wants to chill sometime since you're out there like every weekend.

Have you seen this????????

4/26/2006 3:57 PM  
Anonymous zapcrafter said...

Okay, so that was TOTALLY the wrong link. I meant to send you here:

4/26/2006 3:59 PM  

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