Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Rough Week

Talk about getting pulled in a few different directions at once...

1) I'm STILL working on my application for the Carlson School of Business, I suppose I should be writing that rather than here. Ah well, what do you do?

2) My mortgage company seems to ignore the fact I payed them this month, they are currently "investigating" my claims that I paid. There is nothing I hate more than being treating like a liar.

3) I had one of my side projects go live today (, it isn't much, but it took a long time. I really need some artistic training. Anyone out there interested in giving free lessons?

4) My girlfriend and I broke up this past Saturday, I don't think I need to say that is stressful. I know it was the right move, but of course it is never easy.

5) John Z. DeLorean is dead. Strangely enough, he died this past Saturday as well. Any hopes of a DeLorean 2 ever being made are out the window. I suppose this means when I finally buy my DMC-12 it will hold its value a little more...

Enough ranting. I'm still doing the youth group bit every week. It is going very well, I'd say my closest friends I've made since moving to the cities are the other youth leaders. I just wish I had time to spend with them once in a while. Oh yeah, and the time with the youth group kids is good too. I'm going to miss it come next year when I'm going to school.


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