Monday, March 13, 2006

Only In New York

New York continues to surprise me. Saturday night I went out with my girlfriend and a few of her work friends for a drink at The Stone Rose. The place had great atmosphere, and was exactly the James Bondish type place you would expect a New York bar to be. Almost everything was in classic New York black. The chairs were black, the table tops were black, the waitresses were wearing black, and most of the customers were dressed in black, many in suits. I came in a white striped dress shirt and jeans, but I figure underdressed is my style.

We had a wonderful time chatting, laughing, the whole bit, all in all a pleasant experience. After we paid the bill however the waitress came back and asked us if there was a problem with the service. After saying no, she asked again, and again we said no. Then she asked again. Apparently she didn’t think we tipped enough and wasn’t shy about saying so. Granted they weren’t the 3-4 dollar drinks you would find in a regular city, but how much are you suppose to tip someone to bring you a single drink? And even if she thought we were too cheap, why on earth would it be necessary to keep beating the point? Only in New York!


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