Monday, March 06, 2006

School Update - David Gets A Big Head

I'm sure at least 2 of you are wondering how school (my marketing class) has been going. I have good news: school is going great! After I nailed my first paper, my confidence in the class hit an all time high. Not to brag, but paper #2, due this Wednesday, is set to be a sequel worth remembering.

I think I'm starting to figure this grad school thing out a lot better. I'm not saying I know what I'm doing, far from it, but at least I'm not drowning in ignorance anymore. I can actually concoct logical arguments around course subject material and demonstrate knowledge in an easy to understand way.

The class is split into teams, each working on a different presentation related to a marketing topic, and my team is smokin'. While we all have different ideas about what a good presentation should look like, we are able to get our work done on time (well, every team has that 1 guy) for group meetings and are willing to put in the extra effort. Much better work ethic than even my senior level undergraduate teams.

So, if you happen to have some markets that need segmenting or some groups that need focusing, let me know. I'm a trained and dangerous!


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