Monday, January 02, 2006

Christmas Week Adventures

What an awesome week! I took the week off work to spend with family at various Christmas and New Years events. My girlfriend was a saint to put up with it all for 10 days straight, I am amazed she is willing to put up with all of it. We spent a couple days at my Dad's place, all the steps were in town so we ate too much, slept too much, and played cards too much; all the things that need to happen over holidays.

Christmas with my mom's family was a blast too. Every year for the past 5 years my uncle and I have been exchanging Potted Meat Food Product in unique ways including encasing it in cement, building a cage for it, and creating a potted meat 8 Ball. This year it was my turn and I created a toy pet out of it, and titled it "My Pet Meat." The idea was to make a children's toy so kids could play with their food. Despite this being kid friendly food, I strongly recommend against feeding this to your kids. One look at the ingredients would explain why. Out of respect of the reader, I will not list them here, however the previous link contains the highlights. It may not seem overly complicated, but it is crazy difficult to spray paint cardboard and coat it such that it solid white. Cardboard soaks up paint like Homer Simpson soaks up Duff. On top of that, Elmers glue doesn't stick to smooth aluminum very well. Still, I think the finished result was worth the effort even if it looks a little rough. Needless to say, my uncle got a good laugh out of it.

My girlfriend's mom and her mom's husband came and stayed at my place for a couple days. They drove all the way from Nebraska for a little Christmas with us. It was great to have them around, it gave me an excuse to try my hand at a little cooking, something I never do any more. We were able to get in some ice skating with them and checked out the Narnia movie. My mom and her husband even had a chance to come over for dinner and meet everyone. Very relaxing time, and a lot of fun.

My step brother's wedding reception was New Year's eve. It was about a 40 miles from my Dad's place, so afterwards we planned to spend the night at his place. The only problem was that the spare key was not where it was supposed to be, I think it fell and buried itself in the snow. Lucky for me a friend of mine who lived near by didn't mind a 1:30 a.m. phone call and unexpected visitors. Talk about saving my butt. Now that is what you call a friend.

Happy New Year!!!


Blogger Seth R. said...

Dude! That potted meat sounds tasty! I mean, it is a "food product", so what are you afraid of? The ingredients list sounds like a veritable smorgabord of goodness. We should all eat Potted Meat Food Product everyday.

1/08/2006 1:10 PM  

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