Tuesday, June 27, 2006


My roommate moved out this week. After 3.5 years of having the same roommate, he moved in with his girlfriend. It is kind of weird having the place to myself now. It is hard to believe its really just me now. It is certainly different not having him around. I mentioned a while back about the selfishness that develops when living alone, I guess this means I’m about to become a bit more so ;-)

In any event, if you happen to know of any guys looking to rent a room, have them drop me a line. I have an opening.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

swm seeking swm for roommate. must enjoy smoking, unwashed pets, and dirty laundry. vaccuming skills a plus but not mandatory. loud, late night parties encouraged and must enjoy ditching class due to constant hangovers. showering optional. please call dave at ***-***-****. best to call between 2 and 3 am.

8/13/2006 3:27 PM  

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