Friday, August 19, 2005


Carlson orientation. I finally got to see where I’ll be spending the next 3-4 years of my life. I went a couple hours early to tour the campus and buy my books from the bookstore. I had never really seen the U of M campus before, it is a beautiful campus. I walked from the West Bank over to the East Bank, the east is definitely nicer. It is a shame I’ll never be able to spend any time over there. Both old and newly archtectied buildings and bridges, well kept gardens, lawns, trees, and some of the nicest walk ways I’ve seen.

I had almost forgot how much of a wallet raping college is. I dropped $146 on an accounting book and $63 on a packet of photocopied paper. It doesn’t seem right. Now I remember why I got out and got myself a real job ;)

Orientation was 8 hours, lasting until 7:30 at night. It was probably the worst timing possible. Not only did I have to take a vacation day for it, but they ended so late it monopolized my evening. What is wrong with 8-4? I guess no one ever said school made sense.


Blogger travisj said...

hey, you are totally right. school doesn't make sense. But yeah, at least this year my school is going to be fun. taking Advanced Marketing, Physics, ACT prep/college study skills, Painting 2, AP US Government, Spanish 2, and Advanced composition (english). Not the easiest year, but easier since i Drop AP Calc for my now painting 2 class. oh yeah, and i don't have any study halls and i'm taking a work study skills with marketing outside of school. 8 credits in a 7 credit day- and mowing 25 lawns a week. So much for senior slack. but carlson school of business/management- that sounds like a pretty tough school. wow, that's awesome that your going for it.

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