Tuesday, July 19, 2005

T-Minus 1.5 Months

It’s starting to hit me that I'm running out of time. I'm really looking forward to school, but at the same time, the thought of the next 3-4 years of my life being monopolized is a little scary. I've been able to live it up this summer, but I'm starting to feel the walls close in. I guess this is why most people don't go back to school and why those that do get compensated for it, but that doesn't make it any easier.

I've always thought it interesting how different people view bettering themselves. Some (like me) see school as that avenue, while others see travel, relationships, religion, or entertainment as the way. I don't think anyone would argue that balance is needed in all areas of life, including how we choose to improve ourselves, but achieving that balance is always an difficult task. I doubt any of us truly has it figured out and if we were to live our lives a hundred times would probably never do so.

I got away from it all this past weekend. I had a free weekend at a super nice cabin in northern MN. The place is nicer than 90% of any of the houses I've ever been in, plus its on a lake. Since we were fishing all weekend, I buckled and bought my first fishing license. I never fish, but I have a 1967 True Temper 420 reel, given to me by my dad when I was a young'n. It was his first reel as well. I didn't catch much of anything but it was still fun.

While up there I went to my first tractor pull at the local county fair. Those things are nuts. They put hundreds of thousands of dollars into machines built to go 250 ft after which they park until the next pull. One of the beasts sported a helicopter engine which shot flame 8 feet in the air, probably more for show than anything. If you have never been to one of these things, don't worry, you aren't missing much.


Blogger Danb said...

Balance is always key... though sometimes balance can be as elusive as a jackrabbit in an open field... Enjoy the next 3-4 years you'll probably learn more about yourself than you do about your subjects and that myfriend will lead to more balance... =)


7/20/2005 1:27 AM  
Blogger david said...

I certainly hope so! I guess we will find out. I'll let you know in 3-4 years if I've found the secret to maintaining that perfect balance.

7/22/2005 10:41 PM  
Anonymous Zapcrafter said...

"If you have never been to one of these things [tractor pulls], don't worry, you aren't missing much."

I resent that, you uppity yuppie. Go suck some Starbucks from your Nalgene bottle.

7/25/2005 9:18 PM  
Anonymous Zapcrafter said...

"...the thought of the next 3-4 years of my life being monopolized [by school] is a little scary."

Dude, I'm doing the same thing myself. Don't worry, it'll be totally sweet.

7/25/2005 9:25 PM  
Blogger david said...

Mr. Crafter,
Thank you for your encouragement and your insults. Both will be given serious consideration.

Wait a sec... you're going back to school?

7/26/2005 7:24 AM  

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