Sunday, April 03, 2005

Mr. Handyman

After suffering for 8 months with a garage door that would not close without a lot of help, I finally caved and bought a new opener. If you have ever thought of installing a garage door opener alone, I can tell you from experience that it isn't recommended. The process of removing the old one and setting up the new is a juggling act. Luckily I got a 10' ladder for Christmas this year so I was able to prop up the power head of the unit on there while removing the glide rails.

More power! Forget Farrari, this baby has a 0 - Open time of less than 5 seconds. You can check it out on the company's website. They aren't cheap, but it is the last door opener I'll ever have to buy for the house and the screw drive system is a lot easier to maintain.

Before this sounds like an advertisement, I should stop.


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